Francois Ekam-Dick

Managing Director & founder

François is Iroko’s Founder and Managing Director of Iroko Securities. He holds general management and debt origination responsibilities. Prior to forming Iroko, Francois was a Director at Tradition (UK) Limited, with responsibilities for the firm’s Africa debt capital markets business. Before Tradition, Francois was with CEDEF Finance (Africa) Ltd. as a Managing Director from 1994 to 1998, having previously worked for 5 years with Meridien International Bank Ltd in London as a Vice President, Treasury and Capital Markets and Treasury Co-ordination for Meridien’s African banking subsidiaries. Francois also previously spent five years at Chase Manhattan Cameroon and Chase Manhattan Bank New York, respectively, as a Treasury Manager and Foreign Exchange and Money Market Trader. Francois held many board positions at banks and corporates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Chantal Moudeke

Head of Legal

Chantal is principally responsible for debt documentation, legal and tax advisory at Iroko Securities Limited. Prior to joining Iroko, Chantal worked in similar capacities at Tradition (UK) Limited, and CEDEF Finance (Africa) Ltd. She had previously spent two years as Company Secretary to the main board of Meridien BIAO in London, the holding company for 20 banks in Africa, and there was also involved in various corporate finance advisory work, including legal and tax aspects covering the sale of fixed assets of the group’s African bank subsidiaries and negotiation with local authorities for the creation of local bank subsidiaries. Chantal also worked for 4 years in Cameroon for Ernst & Young as a tax and corporate finance lawyer dealing with M&A, capital restructuring and tax advisory.

Ian Jackson

Head of Trading & Sales

Ian is the Manager responsible for all trading at Iroko Securities and conducts broking and fixed income and money market sales activities for a broad range of products including major and local (African) foreign exchange currencies, Non-Deliverable-Forward, local currency bonds and domestic treasury bills issued by various African countries. Ian also assists in the structuring and distribution of new debt products to local and foreign investors. Prior to joining Iroko, Ian worked in the same capacity at Tradition (UK) Limited and CEDEF Finance (Africa) Ltd., prior to which he spent 5 years in the treasury department of Meridien International Bank Ltd in London trading foreign exchange (local and foreign currencies), FX swaps, currency options and futures. Ian also traded emerging market currencies at Barclays Bank London before joining Meridien.

Ismael Bassam


Ismael is the Analyst responsible in preparing transaction and credit reports and financial spreadsheets required to support the debt orginsation. Prior to joining Iroko, Ismael was a junior Investment Analyst for AIDA Global, a Dubai based company. Ismael holds a MSc in Corporate Finance from Cass Business School.